Mandi Wellington

Admissions Director

Welcome to the Admissions page!  I am excited that you are here.  I have come to love this school and I hope that you will as well.   What I love the most about MCDS is the unique environment of cultivation.  Cultivation of hearts, character, and mind.  This word "cultivation" evokes a lot for me.  It involves preparation, care, feeding, watering, patience and yes, even pulling weeds.  There is a tenderness and an awareness of the environment that is best needed for a plant to thrive.  Every decision that is made here at MCDS is made with this in mind.  What is it that is needed for each student to thrive and offer his or her best?  What will allow a student to thrive in their understanding of subject matter?  What will allow a student to grow in who they are as a citizen and in their personal responsibility?  These questions are at the heart of so much of what we do.  It is a pleasure to serve these kids and I would be delighted for you and your child to become a part of the MCDS family!  I look forward to knowing you!

                                           - Mandi Wellington

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