So why is this for my child?
Students succeed because they are taught to strive for excellence, value hard work, think critically, collaborate productively, express themselves thoughtfully and step outside their comfort zone to overcome challenges and serve others. The Monroe Country Day School is designed to take children to new levels of academic excellence, independent thinking, creative problem solving, and sense of responsibility for self, neighbors and community.

Important to know!

  1. Core Knowledge Sequence Curriculum follows nationally accepted standards. 

  2. Our grading looks different. Performance and understanding are emphasized.

  3. Our teachers are experts in their field. They are experienced and come from public school, private school and home school cooperative settings.

At Monroe Country Day School we believe that:

  • Children grow in character and become independent thinkers through a balance of scholarly enterprise and active participation in service learning and the arts.

  • Talented, dedicated and passionate teachers who hold high expectations and find fulfillment in their work are the greatest mentors for our students.

  • Students succeed because they have been taught to strive for excellence, value hard work, think critically, collaborate productively, express themselves thoughtfully, step outside their comfort zone and overcome the challenges.

  • Our students bring a variety of perspectives, personalities and passions; this diversity makes the school a community where each can learn from all.

  • We are privileged to be educating the next generation of leaders for our community, our city and our nation; and we know that their success depends upon their integrity; capacity for managing complexity; adaptability and perseverance; and confidence in embarking upon ambitious undertakings.

  • Students have different skills or learning styles. That’s why we create a learning environment that allows children to progress according to their potential.

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Animal Farm Project

Group projects can promote important intellectual and social skills and help to prepare students for a work world in which teamwork and collaboration are increasingly the norm.